Tech Tour

Innovation. Collaboration.

Disruption. Venture capital.

These words can feel more like barriers than hope for founders at a table with little more than a vision. Tenacity and courage are strong traits. But sometimes just the right knowledge can kick those qualities into overdrive.

Impacting our world through entrepreneurship is key to Electric Works’ innovation vision. It’s why we’re bringing Paul Singh and the Results Junkies team to Fort Wayne October 17-19, 2018.

The purpose of this conference is to strengthen the entrepreneurial community and local economy in Fort Wayne by providing functional expertise and venture capital funding from top-notch Silicon Valley investors to our local entrepreneurs. Government leaders, educators, and economic development officials will also benefit from hearing about Paul’s experience and lessons learned from investing in over 1,900 companies across 50+ countries. They can take his best practices and apply them to our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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